Lisa Houston Ministries

7353 Bristol Rd. Ventura, California  93003
(805) 323-5849

Lisa Houston
has been serving the Lord with her vibrant spirit and vocal talents for several years. Her endearing presence and friendly down-to-earth style has won over  local  audiences in Ventura County as well  as  several  National  and  International engagements. Lisa's  latest  CD  release,  produced  by  Jimmy Mac, is a step into a new level of her career. Lisa has  always  impacted  lives and inspired listeners with  her  warm  vocals  singing  heartfelt ballads. But  now  she  is  energizing her audiences with several new uptempo songs, mostly original, written by Lisa and  Jimmy Mac. Her new CD entitled "Spread The Love" opens with a remake of  the hit song "Yamo Be There" 
originally released  in the 80's, produced by Quincy Jones and  sung  by  James  Ingram  and  Michael  McDonald.  Other  songs,  penned  by  Lisa and Jimmy,  such 
as "This Is What Heaven Looks Like",  "It's All About You","Wonderful God", and "Everything's  Gonna  B'  Alright"  are  a testimony of how God works through  the  life of  the  believer  and comforts those in  need.  The CD also  includes some of 
Lisa's trademark style ballads such as: "The Best Of You In Me", "God  Is  Not  Sleeping",  "Lay  It  All  On Him", and a beautiful Christian Love Song titled, "I Do". The title cut on her CD "Spread The Love" sums up her  ministry  in  song by declaring "Let there be peace,  let  there  be  joy, let there be love, we need to love one another". Lisa's ministry and style know no ethnic or cultural boundaries and her appeal reaches many ages and musical tastes.
 But  to  really  experience  Lisa's  audience  appeal, you need to see her perform live! Lisa grabs hold of her audience  the  moment  she  steps  on  stage  and  takes them with her on a journey into the presence of the Almighty. She communi-cates with her audiences as if each person in the room were her personal friend. God has  clearly  blessed  Lisa  with  a  talent  and  charisma  meant for  her  to continue to bless lives as she communicates her message:  "Spread the Love!

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